Hourly hotel Prague 10
Booking: +420 722 413 145
Voroněžská 26, 101 00 Praha 10 Show map

About us

Welcome at the website of the hourly hotel Exclusive. It is an asylum for lovers. We offer short-term accommodation from one hour stay to weekend stay.

We provide accommodation to couples that are looking for absolute discretion, privacy, comfort, quiet and pleasant environment on the level. You can find asylum with three or more persons and want to try something extraordinary, what would you spice their relationship. Also you can just rest and relax. You can buy it non-alcoholic beverages alcoholic, snacks, coffee, condoms, etc. in the hotels supermarket on the groud floor of the building.  All prices in the ordinary supermarket is cheap and nice chilled. All the services that you order, should be paid in advance by cash.The absolute cleanliness of all the rooms we offer is our priority. We have clean sheets, towels, etc., nice staff. We are not about to ask you anything – so you can easily use a nickname instead of your name (if you want to). 
When you can not use your reservation please EARLY CANCELATION  it BY phone calling or SMS to phone for number 722413145. If you cancel your booking with us you pay nothing!

How is it going to us?

Book your room by SMS, Phone or Fast Booking over the net, choose a nickname you can walk to. Within minutes, you will receive a confirmation of your booking. When you come in front of the hotel, call us at phone number 722413145. We will open your door. We will show you a room, you will be kind enough to return the keys to your room. 

If you do not receive a reservation confirmation, try to call if we have free time. If you do not have a reservation confirmed - we do not have a free room for you. You can come right in front of the hotel, but it may happen that we will have plenty, so it is better if you decide to go to us, rather book your room and find out if the room is free.

If you can destroy anything on your room, lose your keys from the room or anything else, tell us as soos as possible , every situation can be solved quickly. On the contrary, if you forget anything, you will come to pick it up as soon as possible, after 7 days without the owner´s interest, we forget the automatic items. If anything disappears or something gets dumped in your room and you do not tel us, NEVER  FORGET that your next booking will never be accepted - you will find yourself on a BLACK LIST you will never get. 

If you come to us for the first time between 10PM to 6AM by night, we will only want your ID  for the first time. If everything after your departure is OK, in subsequent visits, you will never have to submit any ID.